Used EVs

This could be a pretty cool site where buyers and sellers of electric cars can get together and meet.

Now, granted, there aren’t a lot of used electric cars for sale out there right now, so our listings are going to be pretty sparse. But that will change. We’re at the beginning of a massive change in the automobile industry and people like you and me are driving this change.

In the meantime, there is a big variety of things in the electric vehicle topic area to discuss. We hope you will want to talk as well.

Lots of us have some cool vehicles that you we don’t want to sell right now, but maybe pretty soon?


This domain name is for sale.

As you can imagine, this name has tremendous potential.

We also own the singular of this name —

We also have other similar names, often related to electric vehicles, batteries and the charging process. Here they are:

So, if you have a serious interest in one or more of these domains, please get in contact with us and we can talk. Let’s see what we can do.